Fascinating Aloe Vera History

I’m fascinated by aloe vera history, as well as its qualities for promoting wellness. Looks like you are too!

aloe vera in the wild

Aloe vera is a moist, tender plant species that’s been in use as an herbal remedy since time immemorial.

For many years in our modern world the cosmetic and alternative medicine industries have used it for its healing, rejuvenating and soothing properties. Later, even the pharmaceutical drug industry began its exploration into aloe.

No worries, though, as everything I’ll discuss will focus on its holistic properties so we can help you and your loved ones avoid those harmful pharmaceutical side effects.

Peering Into Aloe Vera History

The use of aloe vera throughout history has mostly been for either medicinal or aesthetic purposes.

Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used the plant to maintain their physical beauty. Drawings of aloe have been found dating back to 4000 BC on walls inside the temple tombs of the Pharaohs.

Moving into 600 BC we find the Persian Empire discussing aloe as it then made its way into the Arab world and then to India, where women saw it as a way to preserve the “beauty of their skin”.

Since the plant was also used as a means of exchange in these times its popularity grew and the Hindus started using it for medicinal purposes, labeling it the “silent healer”.

Alexander the Great used the plant to treat his soldiers during battles. In fact, Alexander was persuaded by Aristotle to find more aloe for his men by conquering the island of Socotra.

Native Americans called it the “Wand of the Heaven”, who used this amazing plant for its rejuvenating and emollient qualities.

As its popularity grew, people in the Philippines started drinking it with milk to help with various conditions.

More Interesting Historical Facts

As we explore aloe vera history, I find it quite interesting that the Bible mentions aloe vera several times, such as in John 19:39-40, Numbers 24:6 and Proverbs 7:17.

The plant is a native of Northern Africa. It grows up to about 3 feet tall and doesn’t have any stems.

Aside from the drawings found in the Pharaoh tombs, aloe formulas describing its internal and external wellness qualities were written into the Papyrus Embers in Egypt in 1550 BC.

Due to the therapeutic nature of the plant it’s believed that the Egyptians put it in most of their art and even walked around with a leaf or two wherever they went.

Later, the Chinese got wind of the plant and their doctors called it the harmonic remedy, again thanks to its therapeutic properties.

By then it was the 15th century and exploration was at its highest and thus Spanish missionaries starting carrying the plant for any sick person they might come across.

Using Aloe Vera Today

Throughout history aloe has been known to magnify the power of other herbs. Today, I know of a way it’s still working like this in order to combat a problem we’ve run into: modern packaged and processed aloe vera products aren’t nearly as effective as the real plant.

In fact, Dr. Bill McAnalley (a large pharmaceutical lab research pharmacologist) did research in the 1980’s that revealed how most packaged aloe products were ineffective. His research led him to the discovery of Mannose.

Mannose is the one molecule responsible for almost all of the therapeutic qualities aloe has become known for. Since a natural aloe vera enzyme destroys Mannose about 48 hours after harvesting, all processed aloe vera products were missing the most important ingredient!

Is there a solution? I happen to buy my aloe vera products from the one company holding the rights to produce products with Dr. McAnalley’s process for deactivating the Mannose destroying enzyme and keeping it intact for our use.

Aloe vera history is indeed filled with many great wonders and I’m excited to be a part of this newest chapter where you and I can realize its true, medicinal power for boosting the immune, digestive and endocrine systems…and benefit from a life of holistic wellness.

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