Nutrition Concepts for Optimum Health

When you think about nutrition concepts do you usually think about the ratio between calories taken in and calories burned?

I know it’s easy to fall into this line of thinking but there’s actually much more to it that makes this entire process more complex.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must make smart decisions about not only the food you eat, activities in which you participate, but also where your food is coming from.

fresh, healthy veggies

Fitness and Exercise

Let’s start with your body and staying active. It’s a vital aspect to any nutrition concepts I can discuss with you because staying active helps your body build muscle.

Building muscle is a key aspect to achieving a lean, healthy body. When you build muscle your body goes into fat burning mode. The fat melts off and is replaced by a leaner version of “you”.

For centuries humans were forced to cross large distances in order to simply find food to eat. Or, they had to work hard on farms. Or, they simply didn’t have today’s multitude of sedentary activities such as movies, computers, video games, work cubicles, etc.

Apart from our inactive lifestyles life in general can be stressful. People are “busy” and all this mental confusion leads to weight gain and overall bad health.

Keep in mind, though, every movement counts. Running, walking, gardening, it's all good. I encourage you to embrace the thought: "I like to move it!"

Even taking a 15-minute walk can be incredibly good for your body. If you want the better nutrition I’m going to recommend to have an environment to work properly in, it’s vital that you make regular physical activity a permanent part of your life.

Healthy Balanced Meals

Now that you know the importance of exercise on your overall health, let’s jump into basic recommendations for healthy balanced meals.

Overall, your goal should be to:

  • keep sodium levels low
  • eat whole grains
  • eat more veggies and fruits
  • eat quality seafood two to three times a week
  • diversify your proteins
  • don’t overeat
  • avoid trans and saturated fats
  • avoid sweetened drinks
  • avoid an overabundance of sweets

On the surface, this all seems quite simple. However, have you ever heard of the Dust Bowl?

This happened back in the early 1930’s when massive dust storms ravaged the Great Plains in America. By 1934, the event became known as the Dust Bowl as the nation’s farmlands were turned into a desert wasteland.

So much topsoil was lifted from those farms that to this day we still suffer from inferior nutritional value from our food as opposed to the food grown there prior to the Dust Bowl.

Add in the processed and genetically modified foods of today and it becomes clear that our “normal” diets are severely lacking in real nutritional content.

Why Optimum Nutrition Concepts Include Aloe Vera

One of the nutritional concepts I’ve embraced is that supplementation isn’t an option…it’s a must.

It’s important that as you root out the synthetic ingredients in your food and make more whole food choices that you also look into where else you can find ways to promote your overall health.

My choice is aloe vera.

While the aloe vera plant itself has been know since the times of the ancient Egyptians to possess qualities that help support the body’s functions, using an actual plant today isn’t always convenient.

Instead, I use aloe vera glyconutrient dietary supplementation from the only company preserving aloe’s one, most important wellness promoting component.

Bold statement? Yes! Let me explain…

Dr. McAnalley, Aloe Vera & Mannose

In the 1980’s a company selling packaged, processed aloe vera products asked Dr. Bill McAnalley to prove scientifically that their products had true value. What did he find? That the products were almost worthless nutritionally speaking!

After $20 million in research dollars spent and 10 years later, Dr. McAnalley (along with Dr. Reg McDaniel) found that once aloe vera is harvested a naturally occurring enzyme within the plant actually destroys the one active component responsible for aloe’s wellness promoting properties.

This was a startling discovery because the ramifications are that all processed aloe vera products are missing this vital phytochemical complex called Mannose.

If you decide to embrace supplementation as one of your basic nutrition concepts and choose aloe vera supplementation, this means you’re not realizing the goal you set out to achieve.

I’ve researched this idea and am excited to tell you that I have access to the only company with the answer. They have the exclusive rights to use a process developed by Dr. McAnalley and Dr. McDaniel that successfully deactivates the enzyme that destroys the Mannose molecule.

We’re able to finally tap into the ancient immune system, digestive system and endocrine system supporting qualities of aloe vera to successfully supplement our diets with nutrition and achieve overall wellness.

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