Nutrition for Children

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When it comes to nutrition for children, there’s much to think about it seems.

You want the best for your kids but when they’re away from you they’re exposed to a whole host of unhealthy or downright dangerous foods.

What’s the answer to successfully helping them eat properly and maybe more importantly making the right choices without you?

I understand your concern.

Eating a diet rich in nutrition is important because it affects their entire life. Healthy eating enables your child to acquire the necessary energy and enhance proper growth.

It can help sharpen your child’s learning skills as well as stabilizing their moods and keeping them energetic.

Make Them a Part of the Process

The best thing you can do is get them actively involved in choosing food from a young age.

Take them to the supermarket or farmer’s market with you. Even if they’re very young get them used to going with you. As they grow older you’ll have the opportunity to talk them through why you make the choices you do.

This is setting them up for being able to make wise decisions as they grow older and are met with peer pressure to ingest the multitude of sugary, unhealthy and genetically modified snacks and foods their friends are eating.

Immune System Development

A child’s immune system is usually not fully developed until they mature. This can make them vulnerable to disease and sickness.

However, you can improve your child’s immune system if you provide them food rich in vitamins and minerals.

Since even the whole food choices you make today are lacking in the same overall nutrition they used to years ago, supplementation is an option for helping this unfortunate situation.

My choice is quality aloe vera supplementation. It’s a good source of the plant saccharides that help our immunity by supporting our body’s cellular communication system.

I must warn you that not all aloe products are made equally. Some are missing the one critical component that allows this wonderful plant to provide wellness to our bodies…more on this vital piece of information below.

Nutrition for Children: Proper Digestion

Any nutrition for children plan must aid their developing digestive systems.

While I understand junk and fatty foods will find their way into a youngster’s life, keeping them to a minimum is a must.

These “food stuffs” wreak havoc on our digestive systems and it’s children who are even more susceptible to these harmful effects.

Again, the proper aloe vera supplementation goes a long way in improving the situation. One of aloe’s main known qualities is the way it has supported the digestive tract throughout history.

Chemicals and Toxic Additives

Minimize the amount of chemicals and toxins that find their way into your child’s body.

Food chemicals and additives have been shown to cause unrest and lack of concentration in children.

This problem can be avoided by sticking to the natural, whole foods.

This can only be achieved if you make a sincere effort to buy the ingredients that allow you to prepare meals for your children. I fully understand your busy lifestyle and that the fast food restaurant is inviting when you’re in a rush.

In the long-term, however, what is this teaching your kids about the relation between food, nutrition and health?

Stick to a diet that’s rich is lean protein, fruits, vegetables and “good” carbohydrates (such as beans, whole oats, brown rice, nuts, legumes, whole grain barley, leafy green veggies, etc). Buy them at farmer’s markets or local stores offering the organic variety.

Implementing Aloe Vera Supplementation

When discussing nutrition for children, I must once again state that our food supply today is lacking in overall nutritional quality. Even organic food is less nutritious than the food we ate a few decades ago.

The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s and modern day farming and packaging have all combined to strip all food of many natural nutrients.

In my opinion, supplementation is a must. I choose aloe vera and if this idea is new to you I encourage you to read my sections about its history and benefits.

If you do indeed decide to go this route you must know that not all aloe vera products are equal either.

This was proven back in the 1980’s when Dr. Bill McAnalley proved that the main active wellness component of aloe vera is destroyed 48 hours after harvest by a naturally occurring enzyme inside the plant.

His findings revealed that processed aloe vera products are virtually worthless from a health standpoint because they lack this one, most vital complex molecule called Mannose.

He, along with Dr. Reg McDaniel, later developed a process by which the enzyme destroying Mannose is deactivated.

This is exciting news. More thrilling is that I have access to the one company that possesses exclusive rights to use their process. These are the only aloe vera products you can find with Mannose.

If that sounds intriguing, I encourage you to fill out the form below and I’ll send you the electrifying details.

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