Uses for Aloe Vera

When you investigate the many uses for aloe vera you realize how important the plant is for improving overall wellness.

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species. It’s been used as far back in history as ancient Egypt for its wellness qualities. Due to its medicinal properties it’s currently used in an abundance of health and beauty products today.

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There are many researchers around the world who support the benefits of this plant. I’ve been using aloe-based products for over 20 years and this has helped me avoid any major health challenges in my life.

Aloe can be found in different product varieties such as gels or juices. The uses for aloe vera as a drink will help your digestive tract & heal stomach ailments and intestinal ulcers.

This versatile plant can act as an antibacterial agent, skin moisturizer and much more. You can easily apply each application or drink it at home or on the go.

A warning, however! Most of today’s products lack its one, main active wellness component called Mannose…more on that below.

Here are a few common uses of aloe vera:

Treating Wounds and Burns

Aloe vera will keep your skin moisturized. This helps soothe any wound.

When applied to burns and sunburns it decreases the pain and helps the overall process so your body can more effectively take over and works its natural wonders. Aloe will act like an antibacterial agent and protect your wound from any infection. With sunburns it will also relieve the itchiness and rapidly diminish the redness.

Aloe vera has the ability to help your body’s process for creating new tissue. The result is a decrease of scarring that any injury may leave behind.

Uses for Aloe Vera: Moisturizer

Due to the ability of aloe to keep the skin moisturized it can be a great moisturizing cream.

Quality moisturizer creams will include aloe to improve functionality. In fact, I know of one that also incorporates new, updated technology where plant-sourced Glycans are used instead of harmful synthetics most skin care products contain.

You’ll certainly notice a big difference using products that are formulated with complex sugar structures called Glycans.  This technology helps to naturally rejuvenate your skin’s matrix, which is the firm, cushiony material under the top layer of your skin.

Learn More About Glycobiology

If you’d like more information about where to find these products, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

In general, you’ll notice you have softer skin that looks more radiant after using aloe-based products.

Alleviate Rashes

When the summer comes you may notice an increase of rashes with your children or other loved ones. Alleviating rashes is another of the many uses for aloe vera.

Aloe will relieve the itch and help aid the body’s natural healing process of rashes. Just apply a little bit of it over the affected area and you’ll see a big difference in terms of that soothing feeling.

Removing Makeup

Many quality makeup removal creams today will include aloe vera within their active ingredients.

You can actually make your own make up removal by mixing this plant with your preferred cream, making sure that it doesn’t include alcohol as this will irritate your eyes.

Really, the Benefits Abound!

Ingesting aloe brings many benefits, such as boosting the endocrine/digestive/immune systems. This helps your body to effectively maintain its natural state of wellness, leading to your body solving many of the modern ailments assaulting people today. 

Look at the crucial ‘cell’ attributes attributable to aloe:

  • Protection
  • Repair
  • Feeding
  • Intercellular Communication
  • Identification

I mentioned above that I’ve been using aloe-based products personally for over 20 years.

My fascination with its healing qualities has led me to research products that expand into other areas that promote a general state of well-being. This is accomplished by adding the 8 monosaccharides essential for proper cellular function, regeneration and repair.

Unfortunately, our modern farming methods have depleted the soil over the years to such an extreme measure that it’s almost impossible to get the proper dose of these monosaccharides in our modern diet.

Most folks get only one or two of these vital monosaccharides through food alone.

Compounding this challenge is the fact that most packaged aloe products are missing the Mannose ingredient I mentioned above. Dr. Bill McAnalley found in the 1980’s that aloe vera contains an enzyme that actually destroys Mannose within 48 hours of its harvest.

He went on to discover a process for deactivating that enzyme. Only one company holds the patents to use Dr. McAnalley’s technology to ensure that Mannose (the one main phytochemical component responsible for aloe’s wellness abilities) remains intact and that your body benefits from it.

If you’re like me and you want to make sure your family receives only the best and most effective health solutions, then ask me more about how you can access this vital nutritional information.

The uses for aloe vera are many. When we add the right cellular function aids to it and ensure that Mannose is intact, the promotion of wellness is astounding, in my opinion.

I encourage you to fill out the form below and I’ll send you exciting details about how you, your family, and loved ones, can be living a pain-free, abundantly healthy life!

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